Airbus H125 AS350 B3

The Airbus H125 AS350 Écureuil is one of the most versatile and reliable single-engine helicopters. With excellent maneuverability and performance, the AS350 has quickly earned its reputation as a multi-mission helicopter, which can be easily reconfigured from aerial work to passenger transport.

The most versatile and efficient helicopter model for mountain flights, this helicopter records the world flight height record, landing on the top of Mount Everest at 8,940 meters above sea level.


Specific STC rack for transporting fixed bicycles, 3 bicycles on each side, certified by the DGAC and international air transport regulations

FAA Certification (Federal Aviation Administration USA) STC SR00103RD


Ecocopter operates with a staff of professional pilots, all with a minimum of 3000 hours of mountain flight. A team of aeronautical technicians prepare and assist each takeoff and bicycle loading.